Transportation Modes in Incheon, Korea: Trains, buses, taxis

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There are three major transportation modes in the city of Incheon: subway, bus and taxis

By Subway

This is the speediest mode to take when getting around the city. Incheon offers a total of five subway lines that take visitors to all the major districts. These lines include the Airport Railroad, the Incheon Line, Seoul Line 1, Seoul Line 7, and the Suin Line. Cards for riding the subway can be bought at automated machines and also at convenience stores.

By Bus

The bus is the best second option when the subway won’t take the traveler where they want to exactly head to. The Green buses run around the neighborhood or local district. The Blue ones also called as city buses will take riders from one district to another all across the city. And the Green/White and Red bus types travel from Incheon to cities of Seoul and Bucheon. Transportation cards can be used or pay with exact amount.

By Taxi

The taxis are the transportation option to take wherever is the destination within the city. The starting fare is at 2,600 won and gradually rises as distance gets further. Just note that the taxi drivers are usually not fluent with speaking in English.