Top things to do in Almaty, Kazakhstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

If you ever find yourself in Almaty then here are some places that you must visit.

Parks in Almaty

If you are a nature lover then you have to visit Almaty's parks. There are a lot of them but among the best ones are the Panilof Park which is dedicated to the Panilof Heroes. There is a memorial in the park which represents the 28 soldiers of the Almaty infantry who died when fighting the Nazis. Another one is the Gorky Park which is the most famous one. It is located in the center of Almaty so you may know it as Central Park. One more is the First President's Park which is built in respect to the first president of Kazakhstan.

Museums in Almaty

If you want to see artifacts from different times then you should visit some of Almaty's museums. The Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instrument is located in Panilof Park. Here you will find a large number of folk musical instruments or you can even learn to play one. The A. Kasteev Museum of Art might be said to be the most interesting one that has the largest archive of graphic and decorative art work in Kazakhstan.The Central State Museum is the biggest one. It has over 300.000 artifacts and it is divided into a number of areas.

Tours in Almaty

ALmaty has a lot of things to offer. There area number of tours that you can go on and each of them offers something unique. You can go on a tour to the Charyn Canyon which is the most beautiful natural monument in Kazakhstan. you can also go on a sightseeing tour where you will see all the main attractions that Almaty has to offer.

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