Tours in Almaty, Kazakhstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

There are many great things that ca be seen in Almaty and many great tours that you can go on to see those things.

To see the main attractions in the city you can go on a sightseeing tour around Almaty. You can do this either on foot, by bus or by the Medeo dam. This tour is great and everybody who visits Almaty should go on it to get to know the city.

Another tour that you can go on is the one that allows you to explore the mountain surroundings of Almaty. You will get to see the Trans-Ili Alatau mountain and the most beautiful lakes that can be found on this mountain. You will also get to see the ice rink Medeo. 

One more fun tour that you can find is the one that will take you to see the Charyn Canyon. This canyon is the most beautiful natural  monument in Kazakhstan. Here you can also see the maze of the Castle Valley with its walls hanging over you.

There are also other tours that you can go on if you are in Almaty, but these are some of which you shouldn't skip because they all offer some amazing things to be seen and things that you will never forget.

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