Getting around Almaty, Kazakhstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Getting around Almaty is really easy since there are a number of different means of transport that you can use.

By metro

There is only one metro line which has a number of stations. However, it is relatively cheap costing around $0.50. It is the same price no matter the distance. 

By trams, buses and trolleys

The network of the buses and trolleys in Almaty is a big one. however, the tram has a limited network which goes only to specific areas. The fair for all rides is the same no matter the distance.

By taxi

There are both official and unofficial taxis in Almaty. There is a huge difference in the fare of the two kinds of taxis. Official taxis are booked in advance, but you can get a taxi just by raising your hand in the street. Make sure that you have the right address in Russian because not a lot of people in Almaty speak English.

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