Nightlife in Almaty, Kazakhstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Even though it is a small city Almaty has a rich nightlife.

There are a number of great bars and nightclubs that you can go to and have a good time.

One such nightlife is the Mojo nightclub which is located in a high floor of the Gold colored building which is close to Panilof Park. They either have DJ's or a guest artist. Its feature are the flaming cocktails. Another great place is the LondonGrad or Gogol. It is considered to be the hottest spot in the city and it attracts a cosmopolitan crowd. One more great nightclub is the Cartell. It is actually an entertainment center which consists of a nightclub, lounge and karaoke. 

The nightlife in Almaty is definitely rich and fun. You wouldn't regret if you experience a great night out on the town if you are ever visiting Almaty.