Top things to do in Amman, Jordan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Amman has a lot of great things that can be visited, whether you want to enjoy, to have fun or to explore.

Parks in Amman

Amman has a couple of great parks that are worth a visit. The first one worth mentioning and the favourite among the locals is the King Hussein Park. It is a great area filled with grass and trees where you can come and enjoy nature, have a picnic or play games. At the highest point of the park, there is a monument to King Hussein. There are two great museums in this park that you can visit - the Royal Automobile Museum and the Children's Museum. Another great park is the Sharhabil Bin Hassneh EcoPark (SHE). This park is designed as a project to end the pollution and the neglect of the Ziglag Dam Lake and the other lakes in the Jordan River Valley. It turned out to be a very successful project and now the whole place is clean and the place is great for long walks. Amman also has a park for the adventurous spirits - the Amman Waves Aqua Park.This park is filled with different rides and it is a great place to spend a fun family day. 

Museums in Amman

Amman also has a lot of great museums and each of them is worth a visit. Among those is the Jordan Archeological Museum. It was built in 1951 on the Citadel Hill. Here you can find artifacts from different archeological sites from the country. The collections are arranged in chronological order and depict items from the daily life such as pottery, glass, and tools. There are also several jewelry and coin collections. Some of the artifacts date back 10,000 years. If you are an art lover Amman has a National Gallery of Fine Art. Here you can find about 2.000 artworks from 520 artists from 43 Arab and Islamic countries. The last but not least museum worth visiting is the Royal Automobile Museum. This museum features cars that depict the history of Jordan from the 1920s up until today. 

Tours in Amman

Amman has a lot of great places that a worth a visit, especially around the city. You can go on a number of tours and you will not regret going on one. A must-go tour is the one that will take you to Petra. Petra is an amazing ancient city where you will see how the people in the past carved a city in the rocky mountains. It is one of the 7 Wonders of the world. Another great tour will take you to Jerash where you can see ruins of this Roman provincial capital. It is said that it was built by Alexander the Great.

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