Tours in Amman, Jordan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Amman is a place where you have a lot of things to see. So to make sure that you will see the best things there are to be seen it might be a good idea if you went on a tour. There are a lot of agencies that offer different tours in Amman and its surroundings. Each tour offers something unique and it is worth going on.

A tour that you must go on is the one that will take you to Petra. Petra is an ancient city near Amman and it is one of the 7 Wonders of the world. What is unique about it is that it is carved in the mountains. It is believed that it was built around the 6th century B.C. Here you will see the canyon Siq and visit the most beautiful monument - the Treasury. Other great monuments that you will see are the Royal Tombs and the Pharaoh's Castle. This is a must-go tour that you will never forget.

Another great tour that you should go on is the one that will take you to Jerash. Jerash is a Greek City, part of the Roman Empire which is believed to be initially built by Alexander the Great. Here you will see the Hadrian's Arch which was built in 130 AD honoring the visit of Emperor Hadrian. Another great thing you will see is the Hippodrome which accommodates 15,00 spectators, then the Tempe of Artemis whose columns are 12 meters high and other great attractions.

And another must-go tour is the one that will take you to explore Amman. On this tour, you will see all the attractions in Amman such as the King Abdulla Mosque, also known as the blue-domed Mosque which holds up to 7000 worshipers. Another great thing you will probably see is the Amman Citadel which is located at 132 meters above the level of the center of the city; then the Umayyad palace and last but not least the Roman Amphitheater which is considered to be the biggest amphitheatre n the Middle East.

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