Nightlife in Amman, Jordan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Amman is a great place if you are looking for a place to have a fun night out. The city is filled with bars and clubs which offer different kinds of music and a variety of drinks. It is certain that you will have a good time if you decide to go out in Amman. 

Living Room

If you want to enjoy a good drink while watching the sunset then you should visit this bar. It is a good place for everyone. It offers fine meals, music, and non-alcoholic drinks. The cocktails are the best that this place has to offer and are best consumed on The Loft - the bar's roof terrace. 

Blue Fig

If you are up for live music than the Blue Fig is the place for you. It is probably the best place in town which offers bars, a cafe, a bakery a movie room and an outside terrace. Everything is excellent, but the music is the thing that makes it the best place. 


If you want to spend a night dancing then you should go the JJ's. It is located at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and it hosts British DJs which play the latest hits. The music and the cocktails are the best things this club has to offer. It opens a little bit later than other places in the city and it is the place where you can dance all you want.

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