Amman, Jordan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Amman is the capital and the largest city of Jordan with more than 4.000.000 inhabitants.

Amman is a great place where you can explore not just Jordan, but the region as well and has a lot to offer. 

Transportation in and around Amman

The best way to get in Amman is by plane via Queen Alia International Airport. You need to get a visa before entering Jordan, which you can get at the airport or from a consulate. From the airport to the city you can take a taxi or take the Airport Express bus. Another way to get in Amman is by bus via a couple of bus stations. There is also the possibility to get in the city by train or by taxi from the border crossing bridge King Hussain/Allenby.

Once you arrive in Amman you can rent a car, and some of the rental services might even give you a driver if you rent a car from them. If you decide to rent a car make sure that the car insurance is liable. When you drive you will notice that many streets do not have markings and there are not driving rules. Another way do get around is by taxis, which are colored yellow and grey and will have a green logo on the doors, whereas the grey ones have an advertisement on top. There are also white taxis which are shared taxis and they have a specific route. You can also get around Amman by bus. Make sure that you pay the exact bus fare, because drivers do not have change. You can also get around Amman on foot, but keep in mind that it is not really designed for pedestrians, it is pretty steep and there are no crossings. 

Explore Amman

Amman has a lot of great things to be seen. The first which should be mentioned is the Roman Theatre. Another must-see is the new Jordan Museum. The Citadel is located in the centre of Amman and it hold a couple of buildings that should definitely be seen. You should also visit Darat al Funun, also known as 'the small house of the arts' where you can see collections of art. If you are an art lover you should also visit the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

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