Top Transport Modes To Take When Getting Around Kobe, Japan

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The top transport modes offering in Kobe, Japan are almost the same as what is offered in the other cities in Japan. For those who may have read a lot of travel guides or books about Kobe, it is common to discover how its most hectic railway station if the Sannomiya Station, located right at the heart of the city.

The busy station is served by numerous railway systems like the Japan Railways. As for the distances between the Kobe central sites, it can be relatively short that for those who enjoy walking, most of them can be done by foot.

The city also has a bus that goes for a loop route meant for the city tourists to bring them to sites like the Harborland, the famous Meriken Park, Nankinmachi and even Kitano-cho.

Here are some of the major transportation modes to be considered when getting around Kobe:


The city is packed with ropeways that go up to Mount Rokko. There is the Shin-Kobe Ropeway which is near Shin-Kobe train station. The ropeway offers the best sightseeing views since it can reach even up to Nunobiki Herb Park. Ropeway tickets will already include Park admission fees.


Aside from the aforementioned loop line bus for tourists, the city also offers a complete and organized bus system. The bus schedules along with their boarding locations can be discovered from a tourist office located underneath JR and Hankyu Sannomiya train stations.

Light Rail

It is the Port Liner that runs in automated mode is what connects Sannomiya to the reclaimed port of Kobe’s southern part continuing to the Kobe Sky Bridge.


The two subway lines of Kobe are named as the Kaigan Line and the Yamate-Seishin Line. They run right along the coast and the other to the mountains, respectively. They are costlier than the regular trains in the city and may not be preferred by most travelers who are under budget constraint. However, there is an option for a one day pass for the two lines perfect in exploring Kobe.


Traveling beyond Kobe may surely need the use of tickets from Surutto Kansai. Other practical tickets to use are the ICOCA which is rechargeable and can be used on buses and subways too. However, the most affordable and speediest ways to travel right across town are the Hankyu, JR and Hanshin lines. Any of these lines can easily render access to various points of interest or famous attractions in the city center. The visitors of the city that carry the Japan Rail pass will find the JR lines of most use.

Whatever is the mode of transportation preferred, it is important to carry a comprehensive map or location guide to avoid getting lost around the Japanese city.