Kobe’s Hottest Nightlife Spots

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In Kobe, Japan, the nightlife may not be as modern and vibrant as the one offered in Osaka. However, its advantage is that the Kobe’s best bars can be found near each other. This makes it easier for any tourist to find all the best nightlife spots in town without traveling way too far.

The nightlife in Kobe offers a unique kind of entertainment for any type of traveler, whether it is for the wild party goers or for the quieter ones who prefer a place to drink and talk. In short, the Japanese city offers a little something for everyone.

Experience the unique charms of Kobe’s nightlife spots with the best ones gathered in this list:

Café 45 Sports Bar and Club

This opened way back in 2004 and of walking distance from the Sannomiya Station. It has all the perfect features of a high end sports bar from having television projectors, the DJ music booth, plus all the amenities for the sports fanatics like darts, miniramp and even football tables.

Chicken George

This bar is perfect for those looking to watch renowned local music acts of the country particularly under the genre of alternative, jazz, and pop. Its noticeable with its graffiti filled façade as design and its interior ambiance is dim. If there are sold out shows, they still allow some people to come in but for free standing option only.


This one’s found inside the Hotel Okura Kobe perfect for those who want to relax and unwind after a long, hectic day at work. They are impressive with their wide range of drinks.


This is housed at the Crowne Plaza Kobe’s top floor where one can sit and enjoy the high end quiet lounge ambiance while listening to soft jazz music.

Sally’s Sports Bar and Club

This is another popular sports bar in town as it is known for having the largest full service bar in the entire Kobe. They have amazing sports bar and club amenities from pool tables, couches, big screen, live stage and a total of 8 televisions among many others. They are also the first ever bar in Kobe which offered free WiFi for their customers.

Second Chance

This bar has been in the business for 28 years and a favorite of night owls in Kobe. It bears the Hawaiian theme as the small room bar is embellished with surfboards and the thatched roofs. It is just the end point of many night people when most bars and clubs are already closed. This one’s for the all nighters out there.

New Muenchen Kobe Taishikan

For all beer lovers, this newly rebuilt restaurant and Sapporo Beer brewpub is the perfect place to be. It offers seasonal dishes plus brews with bar service offered at the ground floor and the table service for the higher floors of the establishment.

Other Nightlife Options

The list could just go on but here are several more random nightlife spots to try out like Sone, Bar Happy Jack, Bar time trap, Hub, Bar Trinity, and Iznt.