Budget Accommodations When Traveling To Kobe, Japan

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In Kobe, Japan, the accommodations go in a wide range. It offers a little something for every kind of traveler from the love hotels found around Shin-Kobe and up to the luxurious five star hotels near the waterfront.

Many tourists can find helpful information by speaking with the English speaking staff of the tourist information center situated in Sannomiya station. Others even reach Osaka to find the kind of accommodation they prefer since the other Japanese city is just 20 minutes away via the JR line transportation system.

But to make the search for accommodation a lot easier around Kobe, here are the top accommodation establishments any visitor can find and check in:

Oriental Hotel

This is a classic hotel since its history dates back to 1870. However, it was renovated from its ground up five years ago, in 2010. It now features the combined hotel traditions of what’s modern and ancient. The first ever hotel in Japan that bore a Western style theme offers big rooms, impressive amenities and an incomparable hospitable service. It also houses a steak house that serves the famous and costly Kobe beef.

Kobe Dears’ Backpacker House

This is the perfect hostel for the traveling backpackers who are looking for an accommodating yet budget friendly lodging option.

R2 Hostel

This hostel is popular for its central socializing area as it also offers free WiFi and use of computer and comes with a lounge and kitchen. They offer rooms in singles, doubles, twins and dorm types.

Kobe Kitano Hotel

This hotel located just about 15 minutes away far from the Sannomiya Station, is owned by a chef who was once a cook for a 3-star restaurant in France called the Le Relais Bernard Loiseau. They offer breakfast and dinner as well.

Ninomiya Ryokan

This is another ryokan styled accommodation that shows off the authentic Japanese lifestyle. Anyone can reach it from Sannomiya Station just by walking for just 6 minutes. However, they only offer a single room.

Kobe Kur Haus

Sannomiya station is about an 8-minute walking distance from this lodging capsule hotel that comes with a spa amenity. They make sure that they allot a special floor for female guests only.

Kobe Bay Sheraton

This can be reached at the Rokko Island nearby the Island center station through the Rokko Liner Line.

Hotel Tor Road

Many opt for this option due to its location of being at the heart of the city’s shopping and dining center. This means it can be found between the train stations of Motomachi and Sannomiya.

Kobe Harborland New Otani

This is one of the members of the prominent hotel chain of New Otani but not as posh as the one in Tokyo It offers good accommodation offers with worthwhile rates and can be discovered near the JR Kobe station.