Top things to do in Jerusalem, Israel: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Jerusalem is a really big city so there are always things that can be done and seen in it. 

Parks in Jerusalem

There is a big number of parks in Jerusalem. One of them is the Wohl Rose Park. It is a public garden where you can find more than 400 varieties of roses grown here. The park is divided into sections and each section has roses gifted by a specific country. It is proclaimed as one of the eleven most beautiful rose gardens in the world. Another great park in Jerusalem is the Independence park which is the second largest park in Jerusalem. This park is the home to the Lion's cave and a place where many events are organized. The Liberty Bell Park is another great park in Jerusalem. It was founded to celebrate USA's bicentennial. It is the most popular park in the city. 

Museums in Jerusalem

Since it is a big city Jerusalem also has a lot of museums. The national museum of Israel is situated in Jerusalem called the Israel Museum. There are many artifacts n this museum that depict the history of Israel. Among some of the most unique is the carved female figurine which is considered to be the oldest artwork in the world and many other. Another great museum is in Jerusalem is the Rockefeller Museum which is an archeological museum where you can see artifacts found in the excavations conducted in Mandate Palestine in the 1920s and 1930s. There is also an art museum in Jerusalem called the  L.A Mayer Institute for Islamic Art. Here you can see Islamic pottery, textile, ceremonial objects and other Islamic artifacts.

Tours in Jerusalem

Being a big city, there are many tours that you can go on in Jerusalem. You can go on a tour to explore the old city of Jerusalem where you will see the Mounts of Olives, the Western Wall, and many other places. You can also go on a tour to see the Dead Sea which is famous by its ability to let you float and never sink.

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