Tours in Jerusalem, Israel: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Jerusalem is a really big city so there are many things that you can see in it. A lot of agencies organize many tours and you can never go wrong with whichever you choose.

For instance, you can go on a tour that will take you to see the legendary ruins of Masada and King Herod's palaces. After that, you might visit the Dead Sea and its amazing ability to make the human body float without drowning.


Another tour takes you outside of Jerusalem to experience the ancient and biblical treasures of Bethlehem and Jericho. There are many amazing and religious places to be seen in these to areas such as the Mount of Temptation, the Church and Grotto of Nativity.  

The greatest tour of all would be the one that will take you to see the whole Jerusalem. The New and the Old City of Jerusalem have a lot of places that are worth visiting. You can see the Western wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Mount of Olives, which at the same time will offer you a great view of the whole city.

Each and every tour that you will come across is great since each and every place is worth visiting and will stay in your memory forever.

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