Going out in Jerusalem, Israel: Bars, clubs, nightlife 

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Jerusalem is a great place to party. There are many bars and clubs that you can visit where you can spend a great night out.

Such bar is Mantra. During the day, it is a gourmet restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat, but during the night it is a fun and lively bar. It is located in a 120 years old building. You can drink different beers, cocktails, wines and other alcoholic drinks. There is also a night-time menu, so besides drinking you can also have something to eat. The bar has smoking and non-smoking areas. 

Another great bar is Uganda. It is a place where you can hear a gig from a local band, see exhibitions by local artist and read comic books. It is located in the centre of the city. The bar is a combination of a bar, cafe, a live music venue with a record and comic store. Apart from live bands the bar also hosts DJs. The place offers free wi-fi and a happy hour at 7:00 pm every day.

When it comes to partying then the best place in Jerusalem is the Justice club. It is among the few clubs in Jerusalem that offers a world-class clubbing experience. It has the latest sound and lighting systems, a well-stocked bar, professional barmen and a modern designed. It ca fit about 350 people and it hosts some of the best DJs from Israel.