Israel: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Israel is a small country in the Middle East with a long seashore on the Mediterranean Sea and a small one with the Red Sea. It borders with Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. Israel is a state for the Jewish people and it is part of the Holy Land. It has a great mix of culture and history which makes it a great travelling destination. It has become a very urbanizes and economically developed country. 

There are many places in Israel that are worth visiting, prior of which is Jerusalem. It is filled with history and Jewish culture. There are many churches that you can find in Israel as well as many temples. There is a little for everybody, culture and history for the tourist that wants to feel the spirit of the past and to sightsee buildings and attractions, and there is nature, and seas, and rivers for the tourist who just wants to enjoy nature. 

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