Getting around Baghdad, Iraq: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

If you ever decide to visit Baghdad then you need to know how you can get around the city. 

One way of doing that is by helicopter. This is actually the preferred mean of transportation. 

Another way of getting around the city is by bus. The buses in Baghdad are colored red  and they run different routes. But keep in mind that it might be a little bit difficult to make your way around the buses if you don't know Arabic. So make sure that you at least learn some basic phrases if you decide to get around the city by bus.

You can also get around the city by a rental car. It is best if you book a car in advance. You also have to possibility to hire a driver if you are not sure that you will manage your way around by yourself. Make sure that you have an international driver licence and carry the paperwork with you all the time.

Taxis are also a great way to get around the city. You can hail them on the street or pre-book a taxi by phone. Drivers don't usually use meters so make sure that you settle on the price before setting off. You can also use shared taxis if you are going to some further popular destination. It will be cheaper for you.

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