Nightlife in Baghdad, Iraq: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

The nightlife in Baghdad has gone up since the curfew has been lifted. 

There are not much information about bars and nightclubs on the internet since they weren't functioning for a while now. 

But, there are some information about a great bar on the top floor of the Palestine Hotel in central Baghdad where you can go out to have a drink while you listen to a musician playing the keyboards. 

Another place that we have come across is the Baghdad Cafe. It may look small from the street, but inside it is large and it has cushions for you to lounge on. You can also puff many-flavoured hubblies here. It is a really relaxing place and at weekends there is a DJ which plays R&B, whereas Thursday night is karaoke night. 

Baghdad is also full of many good places to eat. Make sure that you keep in the Green Zone where you can visit the Nawas street and find the perfect place for you.

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