Baghdad, Iraq: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq with a population of about 6.000.000.

Get in and around Baghdad

There are multiple ways to get in Baghdad. You can get in by plane and land on the Saddam International Airport. There are flights from a number of big cities from all over the world. You can also get into Baghdad by train from Basra. It is a night train. You can also get by car from all neighboring countries. When you arrive in Baghdad the best way to get around is by helicopter. If not you can get around by car or Rhino which should be fully armored. If you are in the International Zone you can also walk or use shuttle bus service.

Explore Baghdad

Besides the war, Baghdad still has some really beautiful buildings and monuments worth seeing. Swords of Qadisiyah, also known as the Hands of victory, is a large pair of triumphal arches. The Monument of the Unknown solider was inspired by the glorification of a martyr. It used to hold a museum, but it is pretty empty now. The Al-Shaheed monument is a circular platform 190 meters in diameter located in the centre of an artificial lake. The National Museum of Iraq features artifacts from before the war. The most important Shi'ite religious site in Iraq is the Al Kadhimain Shrine. The building of the US Embassy in Baghdad is the biggest and most expensive embassy.

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