Top things to do in Tehran, Iran: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Tehran is a great city so there are a lot of things that you can do if you are ever visiting it.

Parks in Tehran

There are a couple of parks in Tehran where you can walk and enjoy nature. The most beautiful and picaresque park in Tehran is the Jamshidieh Park which is located in the Niavaran district. The most popular park is the Niavaran Park also located in the Niavaran district. The largest park in Tehran is Park Mellat located on Valiasr Street. 

Museums in Tehran

Tehran has a large number of museums and each of them offers something unique. The Treasury of National Jewels exhibits the largest collection of jewels in the world. There are around 50,000 precious stones in this museum. The National Museum of Iran exhibits artifacts which date back to ancient Percia and to post-Islamic Persia. The Golestan Palace is a complex which is the oldest historic monument in Tehran. It consists of 17 palaces, museums and Halls. The museum exhibits artifacts from the Qajar period. There is one more museum in this complex where you can see object that are related to Iran.

Tours in Tehran

Since it is a really big city there are a huge number of tours that you can go on. For instance, there is a tour that will take you to see all the museum in Tehran. Another one will take you to see the palaces, whereas another one will take you to see the city of Tehran and all its main attractions. All tours are great because Tehran is rich in attractions so you cannot go wrong by going on a tour.

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