Getting around Tehran, Iran: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

When you arrive in Tehran you will see that you have a lot of options available to you in order to get around the city. It is yup to you to make the decision of which means of transport you are going to use.

By bus

Tehran has a huge but a little confusing bus network. Some buses are paid with a contactless card which can be bought at booths at the bus stops and some need to be paid by cash. The buses are divided into a man-only and a women-only section. All the information about buses are in Persian so you could ask the locals for help. Many of them are willing to help.

Bus Rapid Transportation

These buses are red in color and have special lines and travel very fast. This is the best option for travelling in high-traffic hours. These buses are also divided into men-only and women-only sections. Since many people travel by these buses sometimes you might have to stand.

By metro

The metro is a new means of transport in Tehran and it has four lines which connect to ends of the city. During rush hours the metro is crowded. The metro signs are written in both Persian and English so it will be easier for you to get around. The trains pass every 10 minutes, but during rush hour it might take them about 15 minutes. Tickets are bought at booths at every station. There is also a contactless fare card which is the best option if you are planning to travel by the metro often. There are also smart phone apps that can help you when using the metro.

By taxi

In Tehran you can find both private and shared taxis. If you are planning on using a shared taxi then it is best if you go to some places where they leave from because they of not usually stop if you raise them a hand. They usually stand at most of the squares. The same apples for private taxis as well. During rush hour it is possible that you would have to wait to get a taxi. Most driver do not talk English very well. There are also motorcycle taxis which offer a quick way through the traffic jams. Make sure that you agree of price before you get on this kind of a taxi and that the price is cheaper than what would cost you if you took a private taxi.

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