Tehran, Iran: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Tehran is the capital city of Iran which has a population of 14 million people. The city is divided into two parts - south and north. 

Transportation in and around Tehran

There are a number of ways to get in Tehran. The first and easiest is by plane since the Imam Khomeini International Airport is about 55 km from the city. You can also get in by train, either a domestic travel from within Iran or an international travel which leaves from Ankara or Istanbul. Another way is by car, the traffic is not so great since there are new highways built in Iran. And the last way is by bus within Iran which are very frequent. Internationally there is a bus which leaves from Yerevan.

Once you are in Tehran there are also couple of ways to get around, but keep in mind that the city's traffic is great so you have to be patient. One way to get around Tehran is by bus. The bus network is huge but it can be confusing, so make sure that you learn everything there is to know about the buses in Tehran if you plan to use them to get around Tehran. Another way is by a Bus Rapid Transportation which takes you to most main streets and main attractions. There is also a metro in Tehran which has four line and it connects the whole city. And there is also the possibility to get a taxi. There are private and shared taxis, as well as motorcycle taxis. 

Explore Tehran

Being a big city Tehran offers a lot of things to be seen by the tourist. 

First of all, there are a lot of interesting monuments that can be seen in Tehran. Such one is the Azadi Tower which is the symbol of Tehran. It was built to commemorate the 2.500 year anniversary of the Persian empire. Other interesting monuments are the Tughrul Tower. the Shah-Abdol-Azim shrine, the Milad Tower and the Mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini. 

There are also a great number of museums in Tehran. A must-see one is the Treasury of National Jewels where you can see the world's largest collection of jewels. Another museum that you must visit is the National Museum of Iran where you can see the most important artifacts connected to the Persian empire. There is also the Golestan Palace which is the oldest historic monument in Tehran consisting of 17 palaces, museums and Halls. In the museum you can see artifacts from the Qajar period.

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As you can see Tehran is filled with amazing monuments, museums and buildings to be seen. it is definitely a great tourist destination if you are a tourist that loves sightseeing.