Application Process for Freelance Content Writers



The position of a freelance content writer involves writing content and editing images for this website paying $300 to $400 (USD) monthly depending on performance and output.

Contractors should be able to research topics on-line and write and edit pages in the style of a travel guide as well as being able to add images and perform basic SEO. An explanation of the image editing process and SEO will be provided after the second (paid) round of assessment. The tone should be factual and the English straight forward and simple. Short, concise sentences are preferable to long explanations. 

Details of the independent contractor agreement can be found here. You must agree to this contract in order to proceed with the test and continuance is taken for agreement.

Contractors will be expected to add and up-date content as they work. In most cases this will be every day but there is no set time frame and contractors are free to work according to their own schedule. An occasional three to four day period without adding or updating content is acceptable once a full working week is performed once advance notice is provided.

Contractors will be paid at the end of each month by PayPal and contractors should make sure that their PayPal account is set up and attached to their bank account before proceeding to the second round of testing.

In the event of termination of the contracting agreement, the contractor will be paid up to the day on which they receive the email regarding termination. 

Go to and create an account. 


It may take two days for you account to be activated. When your account is activated you will receive confirmation by email with the link of the page where you add content and make edits.


Edit page

Go to this page and write approximately 250 words (up to 300 words) on the relevant page topic. The title of the page should be written in the style Heading 2 (h2). The rest is written in the style "Paragraph". Do not add links or images. It is best to use a Word Processor to check spelling and grammar and then to past the text using the "Paste as Plain Text" button. The writing should be encyclopaedic and factual. Please use a clear and simple style in plain English.

paste text

Hit the [Toggle Editor] button if the buttons for editing are not visible and the screen is in "html". 

toggle editor

You should spend approximately 30 to 45 minutes on this task. You will have three days from the time you receive the email providing the link to the page to complete the task.  

Please get in touch by email if you have any further questions.