Fun day trips, excursions, and outings in Antigua

Learn all about Guatemalan coffee and macadamia nuts

Guatemalan coffee is one of the delicious coffees in the world. A tour allows one to spend a day with a coffee farmer on the base of Vulcán Agua and learn the basics of coffee bean picking, processing, and roasting to make a Guatemalan brew. The proceeds from the tours and purchase of local coffee products go to supporting the coffee-producing communities.

Experimental Station Valhalla is a nursery of macadamia trees in Antigua. It’s a few kilometers on the outskirts of Antigua, heading into the direction of San Miguel Dueñas. Here, once can learn how macadamia nut trees are grown and harvested ethically, and the myriad of products the nuts can turn into. Workers turn macadamia nuts into chocolates, snacks, skin cream, pure oil, and flour. Almost every part of the macadamia is used and nothing is wasted from the branches of the trees to be used for firewood, the nuts for various marketable products, to the shells for street paving. The station also serves pancakes made with macadamia nut flour daily from breakfast time until 3:30PM.

There’s an admission fee for seeing other attractions in the area like the Museo Capuchino, Museo Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Ruinas de San Jeronimo, Ruinas de Santa Clara, Ruinas La Recoleccion, and Ruinas y Museo de San Francisco. One should always be careful since the sidewalks are narrow and the roads aren’t all in good condition. During the rainy season, the area is prone to flooding and potholes. Always be cautious and do not to wander the streets of Antigua alone, especially at night, since there have been reports of muggings and attacks done mostly to people who are by themselves.