Getting around Antigua

Antigua is a relatively small and compact city, and people get around by walking. Most tourist destinations are less than 1 km across within an 8x8 block area. One can walk across it in just 15 minutes. Be careful when walking the cobblestoned streets because they are not always in good condition especially during the rainy season. Potholes and flooding make some areas impassable. One should also watch out for drainage pipes and roof edges where water pours down directly onto to street. The streets are so narrow, that even when you walk by the sidewalk, you’ll feel the traffic of vehicles whizzing by. Walking the streets at night is not recommended. It’s better to take a taxi back to your hotel or destination.

When visiting the villages outside the city center, the best way to do so is by renting a motorcycle or scooter. Scooters are the preferred mode of transportation by the locals, since most streets in Antigua are very narrow, and parking spaces are limited. Simoon! Scooter Rentals is a trusted place where one can rent scooters. They have four locations in Antigua.

Taxis and tricycles are also available in Antigua, and can take you anywhere within the city center. Remember to always negotiate the fare with the driver before getting in. If you don’t, drivers usually charge 50-100% more than the usual rate.