Creating Articles with Images


For the second round of testing you'll be assigned a European country. This is a paid test and your payment will be sent by PayPal so it is important that your email account is associated with your PayPal account.

You will be given a list of pages from one country to write articles on. Attention should be paid to the title of the URL. The url title is the topic of the article. A word processor should be used to check spelling and grammar (in American English).



Articles should be written in American English. The font and text size is already set and you should use the defaults and not change font or text size. The main text body is "Paragraph" and no other formatting such as bold, underline or color. The main page title is Heading 2. Heading 3 is used for subtitles.


The style should be straight-forward and to the point. Short simple sentences are best.  It is better to repeat words for Search Engine Optimization. It is fine to repeat words like "cheap", "nice" and "good" numerous times in one article.


The style should be as direct as possible. "There are cheap hotels in the center" is better than "you can find cheap hotels in the center". "You" should not be used to address the reader. There is no reason to use phrases like "if you like dancing".              


Adjectives should be descriptive and serve a purpose. Avoid superlative adjectives and words like "great, amazing, beautiful, awesome, fantastic, wonderful, gorgeous".



Links should only be added to pages within the site. There should be no links to outside site added during testing. 


Titles and headers

The title of the page should be Heading 2 (h2). Subsequent headers for subsections should be Heading (h3). Do not change the font or size. 



The site will be image intensive. Images should be given equal importance to text. Things tend to look better in photos so it's better to be neutral or slightly negative in the text and let the picture do the talking.

There are two types of images. The website will use thumbnails that expand when clicked. Images will have to be saved with a thumbnail that will go into the "thumbnail" subfolder of the relevant location automatically.

Images should follow the same convention as the web-pages. Save images using the country name, followed by more precise locations and then details, e.g. italy-venice-st-marks-square-daytime-crowded-facing-the-water. All letters are lower case and words are separated with dashes ( - ).

When images are uploaded there is the option to create a thumbnail. These thumbnails are the images to be inserted in the articles. They are renamed and saved automatically into the thumbnail subfolder by clicking the thumbnail box on upload (click thumbnail, chainmail, crop to fix, then enter the size as 100x70).

You should begin by saving a number of images on to your computer. Use descriptive titles, starting with the country, then location in the country, e.g. thailand-phuket-phuket-town-bus-station-front-with-taxis-daytime. When the thumbnail images are created this will be saved automatically as "thumb_thailand-phuket-phuket-town-bus-station-front-with-taxis-daytime" in the thumbnail folder used to insert images.

You should resize the images to 1000px width X 700px high (Click the "Resize" box, chainlink then enter 1000 X 700 for width and height). The thumbnails must be resized to 100px X 70px (length X height). 

Images will be in a row of up to 8 images. Pay close attention to the active folder when uploading and have only ONE thumbnail folder.

The procedure for inserting images is as follows:

Insert/Edit Image >>> Select the folder for the location >>> Upload >>> Resize (clicking the box, chainlink and enter 1000 x 700) >>> Create the thumbnail (clicking Thumbnail, chainlink, crop to fit then Width 100 x Height 70) >>> Browse >>> Upload >>> Go to thumbnail folder >>> Set border to 2, color #ffffff (6 fs) >>> >>> Insert multiple images >>> Insert

Pay careful attention to the folder you are in. Only UPLOAD images to to location folder. Only INSERT images to the article from the thumbnails folder. The process takes a little bit of getting used to and you may have to delete the images and start again to get it right.


Insert/Edit Image >>> 

 image saving 1


Select the country folder >>> Upload >>>



Create the thumbnail >>> Browse >>> Upload >>> 

"Resize" the image (1000 x 700) and the thumbnail MUST be resized. To resize the thumbnail, click on thumbnail, crop to fit, and the chain-link under the width and height. Then enter the width as "100" and height as "70"



Go to thumbnail folder >>> Set border to 2, color #ffffff (6 fs) >>> >>> Insert multiple images >>> Insert




You should resize the images to 1000px width X 700px high.