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    This category deals with the narration of adventures of unsung heroes who did great feats but are hardly known by anyone as they never got the exposure that they truly deserved.

    We will start with the story of 3 great cyclists who traversed the world on bicycle through deserts, swamps, mountains and icebergs when most of the places did not even exist on the world map. They had the passion to do something unique for which the world would know them and despite all the hardships, they finally completed the adventure that took them more than 4 years. 

    The experience is sure to be motivating to those who have the dream to go backpacking but are scared to take that first step. Experienced backpackers with a passion for travel will not be able to stop themselves from marveling at the sheer courage exhibited by them to fulfill their dream of being able to see the world while doing something that no one would have ever dared to do earlier.

    The experience will be narrated in phases and at the end there is a surprise which you will not want to miss. So visit this site regularly to read through and get the opportunity to avail the wonderful surprise gift that we have in store for you.

  • Adventure-Trails-Introduction

    A true life story of 3 cyclists who traversed the whole world on bicycle

    - By Lily Rohinton Bhumgara

    (Daughter of Rohinton Rustomji Bhumgara and

    Grand-daughter of Rustomji Jamshedji Bhumgara)

    This is a tribute to my grandfather, Rustomji Jamshedji Bhumgara who set out with 5 friends to traverse the world on bicycle. 

    As a child I grew up listening to the adventurous experiences of my grandfather and always wanted to write a book about his experiences so that everyone could know about it. However, due to financial constraints as well as a lot of work pressures and other responsibilities, the dream could never be fulfilled.

    Finally, I got the much needed opportunity to write about their adventures on the Travel Tourist Information Guide website which is the best platform to narrate the adventure so that it can reach everyone across the world. The website is specially designed to guide backpackers and travelers with the necessary information, guidance, advise & tips regarding things to do, top activities, parks, museums, places of interest, excursions, fun day trips, tours, outings, nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs, discos, drinking, live music, entertainment, accommodation, hotels, suites, hostels, apartments, cheap places to stay, boarding, lodging, both public & private road, rail, water and air transport which includes taxis, buses, metros & trains so that they can plan their travel accordingly.

    Apart from that, we have a special gift for those who will participate in the quiz to be held towards the end of the story. This is our token of appreciation for following the story with interest. It is the signature of Mussolini and a one year free subscription of STEP UP TOWARDS SUCCESS IN LIFE program worth $515.00 USD offered by SAINA CAREER FOUNDATION.
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