The best things to do Battambang, Cambodia: Top attractions, free activities, parks, museums, tours

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Bamboo railwayCoconut trees around BattambangKayaks on the Sangker RiverMushroom farmSor Kheng ParkRice fields around BattambangWatkor Cultural VillageVillagers in traditional dresses

Battambang City is surrounded by scenic landscapes, many caves and parks. There are plenty of tours around Battambang to choose, whether one enjoys peaceful countryside tours or perhaps adventurous kayaking along the river rapids.


Butterfly tour is one of the most popular tours in Battambang. Butterfly tours are organized by students from Battambang, and there are many activities included. One such tour is a half-day tour by tuk tuks which includes visits to the surrounding villages, which are famous in Cambodia for producing first-class rice products; rice wine, rice noodles, rice paper, and so on.

Two Wheels on a Trail Tour covers a ride along the famous Bamboo Rail. Tourists ride along the railway in a small bamboo train, called norry, passing through the countryside. During this tour, they will see villagers making traditional Khmer products, such as clay stoves, and various rice products. Dried bananas are also a popular product produced around Battambang, and a visit to such farms is also included.

Mushroom Farm Tour includes a visit to one of the local mushroom farms. Mushroom cultivation is an important agricultural branch in Battambang, and tourists will have a chance to witness the process of their cultivation and making products with mushrooms in person.

Biking Tour around Battambang is a full-day tour around Battambang countryside. A leisure ride along the Sangker River is complemented with the ride to the famous 10th coconut tree, and further, through the rice fields and local farms.

Culture Villages Tour is a day tour to some of the local villages, where villagers dress up in their traditional dresses and perform traditional dances for tourists. Most of the villages are inhabited by the Khmer people, and their culture is very versatile and rich.

Kayaking Tour on the Sangker River is a full-day tour starting by a tuk tuk ride to the Sankger River. Tourists are then boarded into kayaks and for the next 3 hours, they ride in the kayaks along the river, passing through many rapids and under a number of bridges.

Lily River Tour includes a ride along the river, passing through scenic countryside of the Battambang Province. The tour ends at night, with the sun setting on the horizon.


Park Sor Kheng is a 25 390 square meters area located along the Sangker river in the village of Rom Chek.

Sangker River East Park is a little smaller than the Sor Kheng park, and is located close to it. As the name suggest, it is located on the east side of the Sankger River shore.

Prek Mohatep Park is located along the Sangker River in front of Battambang Provincial Hospital in the village of Prek Mohatep. This 12,000 square meters park is also known as The Twins Street Park.

Peace Dragon Park is located along the Sangker river in front of Electricity Company and Department of Water Authority in Kamkor village. It covers around 10,000 square meters.

Pothie Proeuk Park is also located in Kamkor Village, although it is a lot smaller than the Peace Dragon Park. It covers the area north of the Provincial Post Office.

Ju Vann Park is located east of old stone bridge and west of Ta Dom Bon Kroa Nhuong statue in Rom Chek.

Neak Banh Tek Park, also known as Dragon Sprays Water Park in English, is located along the Sangker river in front of Provicial Post Office.

Ta Rek Kroach Park means in English “Man carries oranges on his shoulders”. This park is located on the south of Nat Market in the village of Prek Mohatep

Jai Toul Kandap Park is translated “Woman puts Bundle of rice on her head”. This park is located north of Nat Market in the village of Prek Mohatep


Phsar Nath MarketBattambang Discovery Visitor CenterStatue "Guardian of the City", or Ta Dumbong StatueSellers at the Phsar Nath MarketRomcheik 5 Art SpaceSammaki Art SpaceSangker GalleryBattambang Provincial Museum

Battambang Provincial Museum is the only museum in Battambang, located in Kamkor Village, in Svay Por commune. Displays include pre-Angkorian and Angkorian exhibits, such as pottery and musical instruments.

It is important to note that the architecture of the Battambang City itself represents colonial French style architecture, and many buildings and houses are protected as important cultural monuments. Such buildings might be considered museums of their own. Battambang also has a number of art galleries, such as are Romcheik 5 Art Space, Sammaki Art Space, and Sangker Art Space & Gallery. Other popular cultural sites to visit in Battambang include Mrs. Bun Roeung's Ancient House, Ta Dumbong Statue, and Battambang Discovery Visitor Center. Phsar Nath Market should also not be missed, because it represents kind of a lively town site, center of everyday activities in the City.