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Buffalo Alley's signature wall drawingHere Be Dragons barLotus Bar&GalleryMadison Corner barRiverside Balcony barAtmosphere at Sky Disco nightclubSky Disco outsideVintage Wine Bar&Mezze

Although this is the second largest city in the country, nightlife in Battambang is very similar to the one in most other Cambodian cities; after 9 pm, the city is practically asleep.

The only place to enjoy dancing and some kind of a western-like nightlife is the Sky Disco, open from 8pm to somewhere around 1 am. The so-called disco is located near the Khemara Hotel. Sadly, no club in the city is opened after that, so this is about as far as the nightlife in Battambang goes.

Other options for a pleasant night out in Battambang City include bars and pubs with very cheap drinks, but, unfortunately, no live music. The most visited nightlife spots are Buffalo Alley, which features karaoke lounge upstairs, happy hours, cheap local drinks, and some snacks, mostly made of rice. The bar is located on the Street 1.5.

Besides Buffalo Alley, popular night-out venues include Riverside Balcony Bar, which is the oldest spot of its kind in Battambang, still pretty popular, although not that lively anymore. It is located at 465 Street 1, and is open from 8 pm to 11 pm from Thursdays to Sundays.

Lotus Bar and Gallery features pretty cheap, but still nice menu which includes cocktails, beer, wine, and other beverages, plus documentary and film shows on Thursday and Saturday nights. It is situated at 53 Street.

Here Be Dragons is very popular with backpackers. This bar has interesting features, such as happy hours, from 16:00 to 20:00, quiz nights on Wednesdays and barbeques on Saturdays. The bar is located in Street 159D.

Vintage Wine Bar & Mezze is, well, the name says it all; a bar mostly appreciated for its wine card. Apart from wines, the bar, which is open every day from 9 am till midnight, has a nice food menu, and a pretty cozy feel, mostly thanks to its wooden exterior and dimmed-light interior. It is located on the 2.5 Street.

Madison Corner, the only bar that has no strict hours in Battambang. It is, officially, open from 7 am till midnight, but it is not uncommon for the bar to stay open after this time. This bar is located also on Street 2.5.

So, although not very rich and versatile, the nightlife in Battambang can be a pleasant experience, especially for tourists looking for a cheap and nice time out. Drinks and food are actually very tasty, and the only fall, if it is one, are the early closing hours.