Tours and Excursions, Paro, Bhutan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Haa Valley

Haa ValleyHaa ValleyHaa ValleyHaa ValleyHaa ValleyHaa ValleyHaa ValleyHaa Valley

It is located 4 km away at Bonday village the road to Haa diverts towards the right hand side and ascends towards the chele-la pass starts. The Haa Dzong is currently occupied by military, but seeing the outside view is worth visiting. Haa is the ancestral home of the Queen Grandmother and the illustrious Dorji family. This valley remains one of the least visited areas in the country and retains the air of an unspoiled, primeval forest. The wooded hills of Haa provides an ideal location for hiking and mountain biking. Biking around the valley to visit the dozen or so local temples is an enjoyable way to spend the day when visiting. Visiting the famous Monastery of Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Nagpo is recommended. The drive from Paro usually takes under 3 hours.



It is a former capital of Bhutan. It used to be the capital until the 1960’s. The main attraction of this town is the dzong.  It is standing on an island between the Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu rivers. It is one of the most photogenic of all Bhutan’s ancient fortresses. The dzong holds many precious relics from the days of the successful kings. Blessed with temperate climate and owing to its natural drainage from Pho Chhu (male) and Mo Chhu (female) rivers, the Punakha valley produces abundant crops and fruits. There are splendid views of the distant Himalayas at Dochula pas (alt. 3,050m) on Thimphu – Punakha road.