Mechelen Trips And Outings

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Mechelen’s historic center treasures a score of remarkable buildings, some excellent museums and squares, but the city’s neighborhoods are famous for the vast natural spaces. Mechelen outings are all about the eco-tourism.

There’s an oasis of pure nature within the central quarters of the city. The Botanical Garden or ‘Botanique’ is a history-steeped park that used to be a meeting place of the order of knights. Today it’s a quiet green area with walking paths and a playground for children. Having a picnic or an idyllic stroll there is a nice Mechelen amusement.

Northwest of the town is another peaceful verdant vicinity – Scheldeland. The area is full of brick channels and rivers, so the trip around Scheldeland might become a real sailing adventure.

East of Mechelen is a large countryside area Antwerp Kempen with kilometers for cycle paths, foot-walks, picturesque woods and meadows to enjoy. Getting here is easy - the road will take about half an hour by train.

About 8 km away from Mechelen is Sportimonium. It is a museum that tells the story of sports in Belgium. The visitors can test themselves in rival with top athletes and try some old traditional games. The museum is operating daily and welcomes guests at appointment.

Eglegem Lake also known as ‘de put’ (the pit) is a large water reservoir only 3 km away from Mechelen. It offers a number of recreational activities during the summer: sailing, windsurfing and fishing.

Adjacent to Mechelen is Tivoli Domain. This park is a natural reserve comprising a farm, a rose garden, an herb garden and a large beehive. The experienced nature guides conduct themed educational tours for the visitors. The adjoining orangery houses a café where one can have lunch or buy some drinks and snacks.

Mechelen and its neighborhoods are rich with eco-friendly attractions and scenic landscapes for anyone to enjoy.