Minsk, Belarus: Travel Tourist Information Guide

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Minks is the capital city of Belarus, and, as such, is also the country’s political, economic, cultural, and scientific center. There are about six museums in Minsk, dedicated to history, arts, and environment, architecture, all of which are worth visiting. They include Belarussian National Arts Museum, Belarussian Great Patriotic War Museum, Belarussian National History Museum, and others. Minsk also has many churches and cathedrals, some of which are Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, Church of Holy Trinity, Holy Spirit Cathedral, and St. Joseph Church.

This city also has a plenty of colleges, kindergartens, schools, in total about 834 educational facilities, and as such is the educational center of its country. Among many, there are colleges and academies for physical training, technology, linguistics, informatics and radio electronics, medical university, agricultural university, and many others.

Minsk is also an industrial city, and produces much of Belarus’ trucks, chocolate, washing machines, television sets, footwear, electricity, and others. Its main branches also include food industry, machine making, tractor manufacturing, and others. It has over 250 factories and plants.

Minsk has a well-developed transport system consisting of tramway lines, trolleybus lines, and bus lines, in total, over 178 lines of transportation. Major theaters in Minsk Are National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State Musical Theater, Maxim Gorky National Drama Theater (the former and the latter have performances in Russian), among others.

One of the most famous buildings is the Minsk National Library, because of its shape, illumination, and size. There is much to be seen in this city, especially the cultural and historical sites mentioned above, and many more. There is much to be seen in this city, especially the cultural and historical sites mentioned above, and many more.