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Brest is the town of many historical tumults. It has been in possession of various countries, such as Poland, and the Duchy of Lithuania, until it was, finally, on the Belorussian soil, to which it still belongs. As such, it has rich history, which left behind many things to be seen.

One of those sites is the Hero Fortress, or the Brest Fortress, which served as a stronghold during the German-Soviet war between the years 1941 and 1945. The title of the Hero Fortress corresponds with the name Hero City. There are twelve Soviet Hero Cities in total. In the complex of the fortress is a huge monument of a warrior with a banner. It is the main monument of this site, and it consists of around 200 parts.

The next great attraction is the Millennium Monument, built in 2009. It consists of a group of statues. The central statue is an angel with a cross, and the other three statues represent three historically important figures for Brest and Belarus.

Further, there is Berestye Archeological Museum, which is unique in Europe, because it contains an excavated habitation entirely made of wooden planks. It has 28 preserved log cabins.

There is also the Brest Railway Museum, which was built in 2002, and is the first outdoor museum in Belarus. Its collection counts 56 units.

There are beautiful churches in Brest, such as the Church of St. Nicolas, and many other both Catholic and Orthodox churches.

And finally, the City Park of Brest, which was established by the Russian soldiers of Libava Regiment in 1906. It has spread since. Its official name is First of May Park, because its reconstruction was finished on that date, in 2006. It is a host to many events, with its open air stage, an amusement park, and two lakes (The Upper Lake and The Lower Lake).

Brest City Park Upper LakeBrest Hero FortressBrest Millennium MonumentBrest Hero Fortress Main MonumentBrest Orhtodox ChurchBrest Railway MuseumBrest Archeological MuseumBrest City Park Lower Lake