Daily Excursions around Brest


The Brest district has a lot of churches, most of which are built in a baroque style. For instance, Vistynchaya Holy Cross Church. It was built in 1678.

Next, there is Church of the Holy Paraskeva, in the village of Athene. It was built in 1822, and it replaced a wooden church that used to be there since 1562. There are three villages that come to this church, and the most distant one of them is 7 km away from said church.

Chernavchitsky Trinity Church belongs to the village of Chernavchitsky, located 18 km north of Brest. It was influenced by the Gothic architecture, as can be seen in the narrow, elongated windows and massive walls.

Monument to the Children-Victims of Fascism, was erected on September 23, 1960, where the road forks into the directions of Brest, Leplevka, and Domachevo. It exists to commemorate the event in which, on September 23, 1942, a group of Germans shot 53 students from Domachevo.

Nemtsevich Manor is also a building built in a baroque style. It is a two-story stone house, the birthplace of Julian Niemcewicz, a Polish writer and publicist, who was also one of the authors of the 1791 Constitution.

Vistychskaya Memorial Column is a pillar-like monument at the crossroad near the Holy Trinity Church. The monument also sported a marble sculpture of Virgin Mary,.

And lastly, Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. It is located partly in the Brest district, and partly in the Grodno region, next to the border with Poland. It is protected by UNESCO, as it is said to be one of the oldest forests in Europe. It is a home to European bison, one of the heaviest land animals of this continent.


Belovezhskaya Puscha National ParkBelovezhskaya Puscha National ParkChernavchitsky Trinity ChurchMonument of Children Victims of FascismNemtsevich ManorSychskaya Church of St. ParaskevaVistychskaya Holy Cross ChurchVistychskaya Memorial Column