Bars & Nightclubs

Even though Brest is a small town, the night life there is pretty interesting. Brest is full of pizzerias, bowling alleys, cafes, and night clubs.

Brest offers a wide variety of pizza parlors, with good Italian pizza and ice cream. There is a cafe named Art Cafe, in Sovetskaya Street, that offers various dishes, both international and national.

There are many bars and cafes, such as Art Cafe, Kafe PaPi, the adult club Planeta. There are clubs that are also pubs or restaurants, such as, Zhemchug Karaoke Restaurant (a karaoke restaurant). The restaurant Komarovo offers rustic ambience and nice cuisine.

In many night clubs, such as night club Zeo, Matrix, Peppe, various artists have their shows, such as a popular female DJ Nastia Zoloto, dressed in golden dresses.

 Adult Club PlanetaArt CafeCoyote Club and PubGolden Coffee BrestKafe PaPiKomarovoNight Club ZeoZhemchug Kraoke Restaurant