Cheap Accommodations


Even though it is a small town, Brest still offers a wide variety of places to stay. Among those are hotels like Energiya Hotel, which charges around 60 euros per night for one bed apartment, for example. Reception works 24/7, and transportation to the airport is also among their services. It is located near the Brest Archaeological Museum.


Location: Dzerzhinskogo Street 58

Phone: +375 162 21-35-59


Rynkauka Tourist Complex is only 25 minutes away from the airport by car, and less than 20 minutes away from historical sites like, the Railway Museum, Archaeological Museum, and Brest Fortress. They offer rental bicycles, tea and coffee making facilities, and a variety of breakfast options. The price is about 70 euros per night, but this resort has received a lot of positive reviews.

Locsation: Tyukhinichskaya Street 1

Phone: +375 162 29-75-76


Hotel Belarus has been renovated in 2002, and ever since, the rooms have refrigerators and phones. It is located in a way that most of the attractions and clubs are easily accessible. offers currency exchange and laundry services. They charge around 70 euros per night.

Location: 6, Shevchenko Avenue


Hotel Vesta is a three star hotel that charges around 60 euros per night. It is close to almost all important historical sites. This hotel offers breakfast each day, and has a bar.

Location: 15, Krupskaya Str


Dream Hostel is only 10 minutes away from the Regional Sport Complex Brestskiy. It offers free WiFi, a vending machine. It is open 24 hours a day. They charge 30 euros per night.

Location: Mayakovskogo 17, bld 1

Phone: +375 33 361-03-15

There are also many people who offer their own houses, or rooms in their houses as their accommodation. Most such private accommodations get positive reviews, are neat and clean. They charge around 30-40 euros per night.



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