Top things to do in Manama, Bahrain: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

If you ever find yourself in Manama here are some things that you can do in the city.

Parks in Manama

There are not a lot of natural parks in Manama where you can just walk among the trees and enjoy the fresh air. There is one like that called the Water Garden which is amazing for just relaxing, but there are also some rides for children situated here if you want to have a fun family evening. But if you want to have fun in an amusement park Manama has the perfect one for that called the Adhari park. It is based around a freshwater spring called Ain Adari. It is a really popular tourist attraction features 8 outdoor and indoor rides for all people, and Entertainment Centre, 10 food places and a lot more. It is the perfect places to spend a fun day riding. But if you are more into nature and animals then you can visit the Al Areen Wildlife Park. This park has more than 100,000 plants, over 45 species of animals, 82 species of birds. There are many plants and animals that are rarely seen in the wild. 

Museums in Manama

Manama has a couple of museums which are definitely worth a visit. The first one and the oldest one is the Bahrain National Museum. It is the largest one in the country which features artifacts that date from a 6,000-year-old Bahrain history. There are a number of halls in the museum which are dedicated to different areas and history of the country's existence. It is a really great place to visit if you want to get in touch with Bahrain's history. Another museum which is worth visiting is the Beit Al Qur'an which is an Islamic museum. Here you will find valuable collections of the Koran and some rare manuscripts of it. No matter your faith you should visit this museum. The pride of the country is the Museum of Pearl Diving. It holds artifacts such as diving costumes and musical instruments and photographs from the previous century before the discovery of oil. It is definitely worth a visit.

Tours in Manama

Manama has a number of great tours which will take you to see some great places. The main targets are the places mentioned above such as the Al Areen Wildlife Park, the Bahrain National Museum and the Museum of Pearl Diving. You can also go on a tour to see the city or you can also go on a tour which will take you to see the Tree of Life. Each tour is worth taking since Manama has amazing things that need to be seen.

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