Tours in Manama, Bahrain: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Even though a small city Manama has a lot to offer to the adventurous spirit. There are a lot of tours that you can go on which will enable you to see a lot of amazing things and experience the history and the spirit of Bahrain.

You can go on a tour to the Al Areen Wildlife park where you will see a lot of species of animals and plants. You will also see the oldest and biggest prehistoric cemetery in the world.

Another tour that you can go on is to the A'ali Village where you will see the traditional ways of making handicrafts. Some of these tours will also take you to see the Bahrain Fort and the Al Khamis Mosque where you will experience the old architecture of Bahrain.

The Bahrain desert tour will take you to see the unique and lonesome Tree od Life, which survives in the middle of the desert without water. This tour will also take you to see the Oil Museum and the First Oil Well.

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