Manama, Bahrain: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Manama is the capital city of Bahrain. It is the largest city in Bahrain with a population of around 155,000 people. The weather in warm during the summer whereas in winter it is pretty dry.

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Transportation in and around Manama

There is an airport close to Manama, so that means that you can go to this city by plane. You can also go by car or bus which is really easy since every road in Bahrain leads to Manama so there is no way that you will miss it. Once you are in Manama, when it comes to public transport there are only taxis. Since they are the only public transport they are pretty expensive. If you get around by taxi make sure that it has a meter. You can also rent a car which is more economical. And since it is a small city you shouldn't get lost in it. You can also rent a bike, but there are no bicycle paths in the city.

Explore Manama

Even though it is a small city there are a lot of things that are worth seeing in Manama. The greatest of them all is the Al-Fateh Mosque which is one of the biggest mosques in the world and at the same time it is the biggest one in Bahrain. Its dome is the largest fibreglass dome in the world and it weights over 60,000 kg. Another great place to visit is the Museum of Pearl Diving. It is considered to be the most historic building in Bahrain. In addition, you can visit the Bahrain Fort which was built in the 14th century. There is a museum in the fort where you can see artifacts and things connected to Bahrain history. Last but not least is the Tree of Life. It is interesting and popular because it is a single tree which is still living in the middle of a dry desert. It is still unknown how it survives since there is no water whatsoever underground. And if you are a shopping addict Manama has a lot of shopping malls where you can satisfy your addiction.