Top things to see in Ganja, Azerbaijan

If you ever find yourself visiting Ganja then there are certain places that you must visit and see.

Nizami Mausoleum

This Mausoleum can be found just outside the city. It was built in honor of the 12-th century poet Nizami Ganjavi. It is a tall cylindrical building surrounded by gardens. On one side, you can see statues commemorating some of Nizami's epic poems. The mausoleum was built in 1991.

thumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-nizami-ganjavi-mausoleum-fountainthumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-nizami-ganjavi-mausoleum-closethumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-nizami-ganjavi-mausoleum-statues-depicting-scenes-from-his-poemsthumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-nizami-ganjavi-mausoleum

Bottle house

In 1967, a resident Ibrahim Jafarov when building his house used bottles. He used 48,000 bottles, all different in shape and size. He dedicated the house to his brother who went missing in the II World War. For years now this house is an amazing attraction.

thumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Bottle-Housethumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Bottle-House1thumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Bottle-House2

Javad Khan Mausoleum

This Mausoleum is located on the territory of Juma Mosque in the center of the city. Javad Khan was the last ruler of Ganja Khanate. HIs reign marked the prosperity of Ganja. He was killed in an attack on the city by the Russian troops when defending Ganja.

thumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Javad-Khan-Mausoleum-at-nightthumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Javad-Khan-Mausoleum

Chokak Bath-House

The Chokak bath-house was built by Sheikh Bahauddin right after the Juma mosque. The main purpose of the bath was to help Muslims to maintain their ritual cleanliness. It is built out of red bricks, a mixture of egg whites, lime, and clay. It was open up until 1963. Since 2002, it was made a cultural monument and it is protected by UNESCO.

thumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Chokak-Bath-Housethumb Azerbaijan Ganja Chokak Bath House1