Ganja, Azerbaijan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Ganja is the oldest city in the Caucasus and the most important in Azerbaijan. Its name comes from the word "gan" which means wide. It is an ancient city of Azerbaijan which is settled in the 15th century. Since it was subjected to a lot of invading armies, its name was often changed. But when Azerbaijan gained independence it restored its historical name Ganja. It has about 500,000 citizens which makes it the second largest city in the country.

thumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Cavadkhan-tombthumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-Juma-mosquethumb Azerbaijan-Ganja-nizami-ganjavi-monumentStreet in Ganja, AzerbaijanGanja archway

Getting in Ganja

There are a number of ways to get in the city. You can go in by train, by bus or by plane. The buses and trains usually go from Baku, whereas the planes go from Istanbul or Moscow. The prices of these means of transport differ.

Getting around Ganja

Once you are in Ganja there are not a lot of options to get around it. You can take the minibuses or a taxi.