Salzburg, Austria: Tours & Excursions

Werfen Ice CavesIce FormationObersalzberg's Salt MinesSalt Rock GrottoEagle's NestKönigsee River ValleyMuhlbach Waterfall, HallstattHallstatt Bone House

There are wonderful places located at the outskirts of Salzburg. Tour companies offer tours and excursions to these places. Almost all of them are offering the same features and benefits with a different twist. A hotel pick-up and drop-off, a private vehicle, and a guide are usually included on a tour. Some of the most popular places that are mostly visited around Salzburg are the Ice Caves in Werfen, the Salt Mines and the Bavarian Mountains, the Eagles Nest in Berchtesgaden, and Hallstatt.



The ice cave in Werfen is a total new mountain experience. As the tour goes, visitors discover the largest ice caves in the world and the ice palaces of crystal-clear beauty. There are gigantiuc ice formations that are open for public viewing on a guided tour. The caves have an average temperature of 0° C throughout the summer months.

Most of the tour companies offer a day trip to the salt mines and the Bavarian mountains. The trips are conducted by a local guide. Some of the highlights are the underground world of Obersalzberg’s salt mines and a unique raft sail along the salt lake. In touring the salt mines, a visitor is required to wear a traditional salt miner’s uniform. Other fun things that are included in the tour are sliding into the mine shaft, riding a mini train, watching a video about the mine's history, and visiting the town of Berchtesgaden on the way back to Salzburg.

There are also day trips to the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's former mountain-top base reached by an elevator. The tour's highlights are passing through the Alpine scenery from Austria to Bavaria, passing Hellbrunn Castle and the Königsee River Valley, and a travel up to the Eagle’s Nest by shuttle bus and elevator. There is also a skip-the-line Eagle’s Nest tour with an expert guide.

Another popular place near Salzburg is the Hallstatt in the Alpine region of Salzkammergut. A tour includes a visit to the village's serene lakeside walks, taking a cliff train to one of the oldest salt mines in the world, and walking to Muhlbach Waterfall. Another popular place in the village is the Hallstatt Bone House that is housing thousands of skulls. Passing by the Gosau Lake to see views of the Dachstein Mountains is also a highlight in this tour.

There are other places around Salzburg that are interesting to visit. There are also discounts to the tours and excursions if a Salzburg Card is purchased. For an arrangement and booking a tour, there are tour companies' information available at some of the Tourist Information booth in the city as well as a ticket and tour assistance service on most of the hotels.