Salzburg, Austria: Nightlife

Stiegl at Brewery Stiegl BrauweltDrinks at Alchimiste BelgeJazz It Musik ClubShamrock Irish PubRockhouseRepublic CafeHavanaVis-á-Vis

Salzburg has a bustling nightlife since it is a university town and a city of music. There are two ways to approach the nightlife in the city; the traditional bars and relaxing atmosphere and the lively nightlife at the dance clubs. The city offers a descent number of bars, dance clubs, and live music. There are few areas in the city that offers a bar and club scene like the Old Town or the city center. Other way to enjoy the nightlife is to drink and sit by the Salzach River during summer. There are people, usually youth and students, that likes to populate the river banks on the warm evenings along the Altstadt between Karolinenbrücke bridge and the Lehenerbrücke. This is a self-made nightlife in the city.




There are some remarkable bars in the city that offer a traditional way of approaching the nightlife. The Brewery Stiegl-Brauwelt was built in 1492. It is the most iconic brewery that offers the best Stiegl than any other bars found in the city. Another pride of the city in terms of the traditional drinking culture is the Augustiner Bräustübl Mülln. It is a well-preserved pub that offers beers brewed by the monastery of Mülln since 1621. There are also modern bars that are located in the city like the Alchimiste Belge; it is one of the coolest drinking holes. The bar offers graffiti on the walls and ceiling and old furniture.

There are also some bars that offer live music like the Jazz It Musik Club, the Rockhouse, and the Shamrock Irish Pub. The Jazz It Musik Club had hosted many of the jazz greats in the city. There are jam sessions every Tuesday and a regular performance everyday. On the other hand, the Rockhouse offers a different music genre; rock and pop music. It offers a tunnel-like setting and considered as one of the most innovative bars in the city. There are DJ sessions, gigs, and small-scale clubbing during the weekends. An Irish pub is also located in the city. The Shamrock Irish Pub offers a mix of local and Irish brews on tap with live regular music by bands.



Dance Clubs

There are dance clubs that offer a young and energetic crowd. A nightlife will not be complete without engaging into a party-liker venues. Some of the known and well-visited dance clubs are the Havana, the Republic Cafe, and the Vis-á-Vis. The Havana has modern furniture, high ceiling and sleek lines. It is an upmarket location for late-night hedonism. The dance club is also serving cocktails from behind the central bar. The Republic Cafe is one of the most popular bars in the trendy nightlife hub. The place offers the best low-lighting, retro furniture and a very large drinks menu. Late night become noisier with R&B, jazz, '80s music, rock, and other music genres. A trendy nightspot in the city is a cellar bar; Vis-á-Vis. It offers a range of delicious cocktails. It has the most young and hip crowd with DJ playing hip hop music, house, and other trendy music genres.

There are other bars and dance clubs that offer either a traditional way of drinking or a modern way of party-going. These can be found in the city center, and the Rudolfskai and Giselakai areas.