Top things to do in Kabul, Afghanistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Kabul is an amazing city where you can do a lot of things. It is a really tourist-friendly city which offers many opportunities. 

Parks in Kabul

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There are many great parks in Kabul where you can go and just relax. One such park is the Bagh-e Babur, also known as the Gardens of Babur. It is the largest public park and it is also the resting-place of the first Mughal emperor Babur. In the park, there is a small mosque and the tomb of the emperor. The park is full of trees and plants and it is a great place for a picnic. Another amazing park is the Paghman Gardens. At its entrance, there is a gate in the European Style. It is a pretty popular place for a picnic, especially in summer. Another great park that is also full of plants and trees is Shar-e Naw Park.


Museums in Kabul

There are a couple of museums in Kabul that are worth a visit. The National Museum of Afghanistan is located in Kabul and it is the must-see. Once it housed the greatest collections of Central Asian artifacts, but most of them were looted during the Taliban rule. Some of them are now returned at auctions, but the collections are significantly smaller now.

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The OMAR Mine Museum hosts a collection of 51 kids of land mines. The collection includes cluster bombs, unexploded ordnance, and airdrop bombs. Lastly, if you are into art then visit the National Gallery of Afghanistan. It is set in an old Kabul house. The collection had around 820 paintings, but almost half of them were looted or destroyed.

Tours in Kabul

There are many interesting things that can be seen in Kabul and around it and the best way to do it is to book a tour. A tour around the city will take you to see some of the best attractions in Kabul: Gardens of Barbur, the National Museum of Afghanistan, the Id Gah Mosque, the Kabul Zoo and the Qargha Reservoir. You can also book a tour to Istalif Village which is famous for its pottery and the growing of grapes.

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