Getting around Kabul, Afghanistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Getting around Kabul is not so hard since there are a couple of ways to do that. But first make sure that get a map of the city for easier navigation. You can get a map of the city from Afghanistan Information Management Services who can print one for you.

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By bus

There is the Millie Bus that operates on a number of routes around Kabul. However, it is slower and less comfortable than a taxi. There are some buses which are new, but most of them are old.

By taxi

There are a lot of taxis in Kabul. The first thing you need to do before setting of in a taxi is to bargain about the price. There are some drivers that will try to charge you more when they notice you are a tourist. Most of the drivers know basic English. While the city is pretty safe, make sure that the taxi you are planning on catching is safe too. Women customary sit in the back. If you are planning on using a taxi at night you might want to get a number because they are rare when it is dark.

By private taxi

There are also private taxi companies which are probably the safest ones. They are more expensive then regular taxis. Their minicabs are available 24 hours.

By car

Not many car-rental companies can be found in Kabul. If you rent a car, some of the companies will also give a driver who doubles as a mechanic as well.

By foot

The Downtown of Kabul is pretty walkable. There are not many pavements so you need to be careful when walking along the street and especially when crossing. You shoudl be careful at all times and make sure that you know your way back. Keep a low profile, wear simple clother. If you are a woman cover your hair with a shawl or a scarf. People are usually friendly and will help you if you ask for directions.