Cheap places to stay in Kabul, Afghanistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

If you are looking for a budget hotel then it shouldn't be a problem for you to fins one in Kabul. There are a number of places that offer cheap prices for good services. Here are some suggestions.

Mustafa Hotel

This hotel is located in the center of the city close to Flower and Chicken Street where you can buy a lot of things. This is usually the place that tourist choose if it is their first time in Kabul. The hotel has a rooftop terrace which organizes kebab night on Thursdays. The restaurant serves good pizza. There is also a cafe where you can get fruit juices and sandwiches. In addition, there is also an Internet Cafe which allows you to surf the internet. The rooms are  a little small, but comfortable.

Intercontinental Hotel

This hotels is the first luxurious hotel in Afghanistan. It is located 20 minutes from the center of the town. The hotels has three restaurants which serve all kinds of cuisine. There is also a gym and a pool (but the pool is not always filled with water). The rooms are nicely furnished with all the necessary amenities.

Golden Star Hotel

This is one of the newest hotels in Kabul. In the restaurant there is a restaurant and a bar that is located on the top-floor with an amazing look over Shahr-e Nau. The rooms are big and very comfortable and have all the necessary amenities. Also, there are deluxe suites which have their own sauna. The hotel usually given generous discounts.